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Corporate Internships in China

Gives you the opportunity to gain international work experience in a dynamic economy, learn Mandarin and become culturally immersed in one of the most fascinating countries in the world.

TEFL English Teaching in China

This program gives you the opportunity of a lifetime where you get to teach English in a Chinese school, gain TEFL certification, experience Chinese culture, learn Mandarin and travel around China.


By joining Volunteer Program China you can get involved in making a difference to the lives of local children! We work with a wonderful non profit organisation, which supports the development of blind and visually impaired orphans in Beijing. 

Study Mandarin in Beijing or Shanghai

Learn Mandarin in China. Choose from Beijing or Shanghai. Beginners or those looking to improve their Mandarin will learn at an accelerated level whilst immersing in Chinese culture.

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Take the leap. Don't let anything hold you back in life. Do what YOU want to do (within reason). If you take too much time focusing on the little things, life will pass you by. China may seem intimidating and daunting, but it's an adventure of a life time.

Joshua Boyer - 2013

I came to China to break my teaching-English seal, and that I did! TTC fulfilled it’s expectations.

Gillian Palmer - 2012

CIP found an internship to match my personal characteristics. They placed me in a small company, which I prefer because I can learn more and get the “real” Chinese experience. 

Jose Arce - 2007