ImmerQi China

Corporate Internships in China

Professional Internships in China

China is the place to be for ambitious young professionals seeking to stand out from other jobseekers.

By joining ImmerQi China Internship Program you will:

  • Receive a quality work placement and have everything from accommodation, visa arrangement, social events and 24/7 support provided
  • Have the opportunity to gain international work experience in a dynamic economy to develop yourself personally and professionally.
  • Learn Mandarin, the fastest growing and increasingly influential language
  • Become culturally immersed in one of the most fascinating countries in the world
  • Gain an international network of friends and business contacts
  • Potentially obtain permanent employment

What is an Intern?

An intern seeks real world experience in order to explore or gain the relevant knowledge and skills required to enter into a particular career field. 

  • Internships in China are relatively short term in nature with your main focus being to gain on the job training and applying your theory to a work environment
  • Use the internship to determine if you have a genuine interest in the field
  • An excellent way to begin building important connections that will enable you to develop a strong professional network
  • You have a supervisor who assigns specific tasks, provides mentoring and evaluates your overall work
  • An internship generally works as an exchange of services for experience between you and the host company
  • Your college may be willing to issue credit or even sponsor you to undertake an internship program
  • Usually for college students, recent graduates or even adults interested in trying out a new career
  • Many employers use internship in China as a way to train and evaluate future employees

ImmerQi provides internships in over 150 companies in a wide range of fields and industries

Choose from our diverse list of internship sectors that includes marketing, international business, green technology, engineering, healthcare, finance, law, NGO's, and more.

As a Beijing, Shanghai, or Chengdu intern, you'll be able to hone your skill sets, build an international network and immerse yourself in Chinese culture.

Additionally, we will also provide you with a full schedule of business events, social outings and cultural activities to maximise your internship in China time.

Get Your CV Noticed

The job market is extremely competitive for graduates at present, especially with the current state of the Western economy.

Getting experience that makes your CV stand out to employers can be difficult.

As employers look to break into China or develop a global focus, they will favor candidates with overseas experience, especially those who are familiar with China.

Interning in China will give your CV the edge to help you land your dream job.

Whilst undertaking your international internship in Beijing or Shanghai through ImmerQi you will be:

  • Utilizing and building upon your professional and social communication skills by operating in a foreign environment
  • Living and breathing the business environment in China whilst experiencing China’s rapid economic rise firsthand
  • Showing potential employers you can adapt to a challenging environment, work in an international business setting and recognize China’s growing importance
  • Proving your independence and flexibility by working in an multinational or Chinese company
  • Enriching your CV through your overseas work experience
  • Demonstrating your analytical skills by helping your host company navigate the notoriously challenging China market


You will have numerous opportunities to build your social and business network. China draws people from around the world meaning you will make friends and business contacts across the globe.

You will have access to:

  • Business and networking events
  • Social activities
  • Our network of current participants, alumni and partners
  • Chamber of Commerce and Embassy events

Industry Developments

China’s importance doesn’t just extend to business and corporate environments. Some examples:

  • Education: Compulsory to learn English from grade 3. Currently, 600 times more Chinese study English than Americans study Mandarin
  • Science, Research & Development: Increasing investment in R&D during the recession to fuel future growth and development. Overtaken Japan as the 2nd highest funder of global R&D
  • Engineering: Most of China’s highest ranking political leaders are engineers
  • Environmental: Putting together a system to utilize nanotechnologies for the good of the environment including water, air and soil pollution
  • Clean energy: Compulsory for power distributors to buy all clean energy produced. Aiming to increase the proportion of non-fossil fuels to 15% of total energy mix by 2020
  • Policy making: Encouraging innovation by allowing more students to gain education abroad and plans to bring back Chinese citizens who receive foreign education

This program is for ambitious individuals looking for an internship in China. You must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Proficient in both spoken and written English. You do not need to speak Mandarin
  • Studying or graduated from a university or equivalent institution

Our interns are motivated and talented individuals who are looking to launch their career in their field of interest. Interns should be proactive, keen for challenges and responsibility, show flexibility and be committed to contributing positively to their companies.

You will be assigned tasks and responsibilities at your internship where you will be able to showcase your skills, display initiative and work both independently as well as part of a team.

If this sounds like the challenge and opportunity you’ve been looking for - join us in China and start your career today!

Application Procedure

The application procedure for the China Internship Program is as follows:

1. Complete the online application form on our website

2. Our staff will review your application and contact you for an Interview.

3. Upon success of your interview, we will confirm your place after paying a non-refundable deposit of US$300. We will then locate a host company placement that matches your profile after receipt of your deposit.

4. The remainder of your program fees will be paid upon finalizing your placement and will begin preparations for your arrival.

Gain International Experience During Your Summer

Gaining international experience during your summer break can give you a legup on your peers.

Whilst others are holidaying or undertaking an internship locally, you can separate yourself from the ultra competitive job market before you have even graduated!

Where better than China to do your summer internship, where Mandarin is the most spoken language in the world and one of the fastest growing economies.

Join this program if you are looking for a permanent job or want to get a taste of China whilst boosting your professional career.

Why Join China Internship Program?

  • Meaningful opportunities available across all sectors
  • Mandarin is the fastest growing language
  • Build up your CV as well as a vast network
  • 73% of employers think those without internship experience are disadvantaged
  • Become more employable in China and around the world
  • There are 700 million job opportunities in China vs. 400 million in developed countries
  • A pathway to permanent employment 

What Industries are Available?

We work with all companies including international, Chinese, start-ups, NGO's and Chambers of Commerce.

Internships are available across a number of industries whether it be marketing, IT, international business, engineering, events management, finance, law etc.

You can check some of our current internship listings.

Once you fill out the application form we’ll get back to you within a week.

What's Included?

  • Professional Internship in Beijing, Shanghai, or Chengdu
  • Weekly mandarin lesson  
  • Accommodation in a shared apartment
  • Airport pick up
  • Welcome Pack 
  • Orientation workshop
  • Monthly social activities
  • Optional cultural activities and excursions
  • Visa arrangement and support
  • 24/7 support from ImmerQi staff

What is the Cost and Dates?

Hear from some of our past participants!