ImmerQi China

Corporate Internships in China

Professional Internship

China is the place to be for young professionals seeking to build up their CV and stand out from other jobseekers.

ImmerQi provides international internships in over 200 companies in three major Chinese cities:
Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu.

Choose from one of our 16 key industry sectors:

You will be able to hone your skill set, build an international network and immerse yourself in Chinese culture. We will also provide you with a full schedule of business events, social outings and cultural activities to maximise your internship in China.

  • Locations: Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu
  • Duration: 4-24 weeks (18+ weeks recommended)
  • Monthly Stipend: Some internships provide stipend from RMB 1000 - RMB3000 per month
  • Price: From US $1340
  • Accommodation: Optional, shared apartment (Commute time: around 1 hr)
  • Activities: Access to monthly cultural, social and networking events
  • Upcoming departures: monthly departure dates!