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Mandarin and Culture Program

Learn Mandarin in China

Mandarin is the fastest growing language in the world and will provide numerous opportunities both professionally and socially. 

ImmerQi offers Mandarin courses in Beijing and Shanghai for as brief as 2 weeks. Levels are open to complete beginners and those looking to improve their Mandarin.

Courses Available

We have a range of program options to suit each individual.

  1. Mandarin Immersion: Do our Mandarin Immersion program at one of our prestigious language schools if you wish to grasp the Chinese language in as short a period of time.
  2. Group Tours: This is the ideal program for groups who would like to experience more of the customs and culture of China without the heavier workload of the Mandarin Immersion course.
  3. Business Mandarin: Our business Mandarin course is focussed on business topics, customs and teaches you techniques to help you conduct business in China.
  4. HSK preparation: If you are looking to enter university to learn subjects in Mandarin, then it is necessary to pass the HSK exam which this program will prepare you for.
  5. Online Mandarin

If you can’t make it to China, we also have an online Mandarin course, which is highly effective and covers all learning areas.

  • Content is provided by Hanban and built on an advanced e-learning platform
  • You can book one on one classes online with real Chinese teachers
  • Check your real-time learning progress

If you would like a free demo please contact us.

Why Study Mandarin?

As China’s importance in the global market grows, so does the need to speak their native language, Mandarin.

You will benefit both socially and professionally by learning Mandarin. Whether you plan to work in China or overseas, you will discover that you'll have to deal with Asia and especially China.

  • Mandarin is the most spoken language in the world
  • More universities and schools overseas are offering Mandarin due to its growing influence
  • Learning Mandarin opens doors to a number of desirable opportunities around the world
  • There are 700 million job opportunities in China vs. 400 million in developed countries
  • China is the 2nd biggest economy and already the biggest exporter in the world
  • Spoken by more than 1.4 billion people, both native and non-native speakers

Schools in 5 Locations

We have partnered with Live the Language and iMandarin, two of the leading Chinese language schools to ensure you learn as much as possible in the time you are here.

Classes are conducted in small groups and are highly interactive, to ensure your learning is fun and effective. The emphasis of the teaching is on giving you the skills to speak Mandarin right away!

Live the Language is a foreign run Mandarin school, based in Beijing. They focus on quality teaching which is reflected on their low teacher to student ratios. They are the choice of school for many of the Chambers of Commerce in Beijing.

iMandarin is the most famous Mandarin school in Shanghai, with campuses also in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Dalian. They have worldwide published teaching materials and were the exclusive Mandarin school at the Shanghai Expo.

All language schools are located closely to public transport as well as your accommodation.

Study. Explore. Immerse.

With ImmerQi, you don’t just receive Chinese language classes: we offer you the ability to travel whilst studying and become culturally immersed.

You get the complete package, from pre-departure and visa application, orientation to China, accommodation, social & cultural activities, business and networking events and 24/7 support.

5 different cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian, Shenzhen or Guangzhou.

You can study at one or a combination of the above locations to allow you to explore China whilst continuing your studies.

You can have the true Chinese experience by opting for a home stay or trying out some cultural activities. We also offer the best travel options to round out your China experience!

Grow your skill sets and familiarize yourself with China to give yourself the edge by learning Mandarin in China with ImmerQi.

Matthew Wong - Marketing & Business Development Manager

Matthew was born and educated in Sydney, Australia. He graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing/Accounting) at  Macquarie University, NSW.
Matthew now joins the ImmerQi family to use his previous experience in Marketing to help the company grow internationally by creating networks and material for the e-marketing development.



Kirsty Armstrong - Media and Marketing

Kirsty grew up in Hull, England and went to Lincoln University, where she graduated with a BA (HONS) in Media Production. She taught English in China for 18 months whilst working alongside ImmerQi, contributing to the Media team.
Her time at University gave her a great base to produce photography and videos and she now produces marketing materials, writes articles, and contributes to the upkeep of the website. Kirsty also creates online teaching resources for interns.


Przemyslaw Drapikowski - Public Relations & Media Manager

Przemyslaw grew up in Poland, graduated with a Masters at the University of Szczecin, Zachodniopomorskie. He was also Head Representative of the Political Science Department for two years.
Przemyslaw has worked in the education industry in China since 2006. He is now developing media as well as assisting in the international and domestic marketing of the company.


Sharon Zhang - TEAN Assistant Regional Manager

Sharon was born in Xinjiang Province and grew up in Jiangsu Province. She graduated with a degree in Business English at the Huai Hai institute of Technology in Beijing. Her role in the company is to communicate with Universities throughout China to assist in the development of the Education Abroad Network and she hopes to build relationships with more overseas Universities in the future.